Money travels between OneFor accounts in just 0.2 seconds.

Send, Request, & Personalize your Transfers

Send or request money to or from your contacts and add a personal touch to each transfer by sharing a heartfelt note or a cherished photo.

Instant payment
made easy.

in 0,2 seconds

In-App Money Transfer

Our in-app money transfer option is the essence of simplicity. Select a contact and send money instantly. It's as easy as sending a text message.

Requesting Money

When you find yourself in a pinch and need financial support, simply send a request to your loved ones. Personalize your request with a message and even attach an image.

Easy Bank Transfers

Consolidate your transactions with OneFor's IBAN account. Send and receive money via SEPA transfers from any EU IBAN account.

Quickly Top-up Your Account

Load your OneFor wallet swiftly with existing bank cards or transfers. Gain immediate access to your funds for transfers anytime, anywhere.  

Personalize Your Transfers

Add a personal touch to each transaction. Share a heartfelt note or cherished photo with loved ones.



Strengthen family bonds with every transfer, making finance more personal than ever before.



Embrace the efficiency and convenience of having all your payments accessible in one glance. 



Instant notifications let you know when transfers are complete in real-time.



Your financial security is our priority. OneFor ensures protection with Mastercard Secure, data encryption, and 24/7 fraud monitoring.

Anywhere. Anytime.

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