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What is OneFor?

With OneFor you can send and request money transfers worldwide. The app also includes an eWallet that is connected with a ready-to-use debit card.


Send money around the world in a blink


Fraud protection by MasterCard Secure

Low fees

Up to 50% cheaper than other providers


All your transfers at one glance


Stay in touch with every transfer

How to connect
the world

Invite your friends and family to OneFor for them to receive a debit card combined with an eWallet - transfer money more easily than ever before.

Watch tutorial
How to connect the world


Recent activities, latest transfers and direct messages with your contacts - everything at a glance.

Dad, can I buy
you a coffee...
3'456km away?


Simply import your contacts from your phone or add any type of payment recipient as necessary - as easy as it could be.

Send + request

Send / Request

Send money, make gift payments, or request money from one or multiple people - all in one app.

Sis, your night
out is on me...
enjoy Ecuador.


Manage your card, add money to your account, and have an overview of all transactions - with just one touch.



If you have any question or need help, our service team is just a click 
away - available 24/7.

Transfer money home,
in 0.2 seconds.


Having Account

Account Setup Fee
Monthly Account Fee
Dormant Account Fee
Account Closure Fee
Incoming EU bank transfer
Incoming international transfer
In-country transactions (in app)
Special payment features (in app)
Customer service (in app)

Sending Transactions

International Transfer
EU Bank Transfer
Transaction fees are fixed, i.e. independent of amount sent!

Using Card

Point-of-sales Payments
ATM Withdrawal (EU)
0.5% (min. €1.00)
ATM Withdrawal (Non-EU)
1.0% (min. €1.00)
Card Shipping Fee

Smart upgrades

for multi-transfers

We don’t charge a monthly account or card fee - you always have free access to your money. We also created smart payment packages according to your transaction needs, which you can cancel at any time.

EU bank transfers
50% cheaper


Includes 5

EU-to-EU transactions
per month

Best for people making 3 to 5 bank transfers per month within Europe.

42% cheaper


Includes 3
international transactions
per month

Best for people making 2 or 3 international transfers per month to outside Europe.

free transfers


Unlimited EU-to-EU &
international transactions per month

Best for people who want full convenience re costs, without transfer restrictions

Why OneFor


It is the most personal and connected money app, and brings you closer to your friends and family around the world.


Backed by MasterCard and owned by a Fortune 500 company, we provide the utmost security to your money.


With the OneFor app, everything is at your discretion. The basic app is free, and you can use our services at any time and choose a smart package that suits your needs best.


What countries can I send money to?

You can send money to OneFor users in approved countries, such countries being both inside and outside the EU.

Who can get a connected debit card?

We can issue debit cards to people residing inside or outside the EU whenever we are able to verify their identity and conduct a proper KYC.  

Someone sent me money, how do I access it?

You simply login to the app, where you can see the incoming money. If you don't have an account with us yet, you first need to register to our app. After you register, you can access the money that was sent to you.

What currencies are supported?

We currently support only EURO transactions. However, your debit card allows you to pay, or retrieve cash, in any currency.

How secure is Onefor?

We have implemented a variety of security measures that will protect your money, your account and your app from cyber threats. These measures include MasterCard Secure fraud protection, and a two-factor-authorisation for transaction signing.

Get the app to get started.

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