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Money app for borderless families

Move Money. Pay and shop. Personal Loans. Connect. 


Send and receive money around the world in a blink.


Fraud protection by Mastercard Secure.


Up to 50% cheaper than other providers.


All your transfers at a glance.


Chat while managing your finance through the app.


Keep in touch with every transfer instantly.

State-of-the art mobile app

Manage your money in ONE place.

Get your free OneFor digital account and enjoy the convenience of a European IBAN and virtual Mastercard at your fingertips!

Fee-free virtual debit card

Borderless family account.

Invite loved ones to OneFor. Each of them receives their own debit card and eWallet.

OneFor X MasterCard

Pay and shop. Anytime. Anywhere.

With OneFor Mastercard, enjoy the convenience of instant card payments worldwide. Free.

Instant payment made easy, in 0.2 seconds

Send, receive, and chat with just a tap.  

Send money to your family & friends in just 0,2 seconds, faster than ever before. Sending and receiving money between OneFor accounts is free and effortless.

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We are multilingual. 

When you have questions, our 24/7 service team is just a click away, and help is available in 9 languages. We offer friendly, fast support via app-chat, web-chat, phone, or email. 

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