Better together

Douzi and Dhurata Dora like you’ve never seen before

Epic 'Meet and Greet'

10 lucky persons have won the meet & greet

Find impressions of it in our social channels.

Amazing «Together» concert experience

Digital Snake Pit

Be one of the 50 lucky ones to see the artist from the digital front row and have direct interactions with him/her during the concert. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Be one of the 2000 selected fans to attend the watchparties, i.e. groups of 6 persons interacting and enjoying the concert  together digitally.

Virtual bar

In the moods to chat with other fans? Just navigate to the virtual bar, chat with friends and have a virtual drink together.

Unique international interactive concerts

OneFor x Mastercard

Mastercard embraces priceless experiences, and therefore has partnered with OneFor to create a new music livestream experience.

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