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Dhurata & special guest Noizy

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Since her breakthrough single «Zemër», Dhurata Dora is nothing less than a star. Register now and increase your chances to win a virtual Meet & Greet with her along with many other unique experiences.

Virtual meet and greet

Date and time yet to be confirmed

Winners will be informed by email 24 hours before.

From studio in Hamburg directly to you

September 30th, 2021, at 17:00pm CET


The studio in Hamburg combines stage and living room vibes, so you can see your star in a personal setting. And by streaming directly, you can enjoy the concert comfortably wherever you are, be it at your home, with friends or even on the road.

Amazing «Together» concert experience

Digital Snake Pit

Be one of the 50 lucky ones to see Dhurata Dora from the digital front row and have direct interactions with her during her concert. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Be one of the 2000 selected Dhurata Dora fans to attend the watchparties, i.e. groups of 6 persons interacting and enjoying the concert  together digitally.

Virtual bar

In the moods to chat with other Dhurata Dora fans? Just navigate to the virtual bar, chat with friends and have a virtual drink together.

You can't wait? Get into the Dhurata Dora hype with her best songs.

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