How to use OneFor?

1. How do I log in to my account and start making transfers?
2. How do I update my contacts in the One For App?
3. How do I invite my friends and family members to my OneFor circle?
4. How do I invite a Non-EU user to my OneFor circle?
5. Where can I use my debit card?
6. How do I edit my profile in the App?
7. How can I close my OneFor account?
8. What happens if I change my phone?
9. How do I change my email address for the OneFor App?
10. How many Non-EU users can I add to my OneFor circle?
11. Does my sponsored/invited Non-EU companion know how much money is in my OneFor wallet?
12. Is OneFor directly connected to my bank account?
13. What happens with the money once the receiver withdraws it?
14. As a user outside the EU, how can I get the OneFor App?
15. Do you have video tutorials that demonstrate how to use the OneFor App?

Transactions with OneFor

1. How can I send money to another OneFor Account?
2. How do I request money from another OneFor user?
3. How can I send money via bank transfer?
4. Can I invite someone to OneFor by sending them money?
5. Will I get informed about any transaction errors?
6. What do I do if the the recipient did not receive the money transfered?
7. What exchange rates does OneFor use?
8. How do I cancel a transaction I made?
9. How do I add recipients?
10. Is there a minimum and maximum amount for transferring money?
11. Can I keep track of all the transactions I did in the App?
12. How do you calculate your exchange rate to other currencies?
13. Can I transfer money in different currencies?
14. Does the receiver get the money in the original currency or their home currency?
15. Will I receive real time notifications for my transfers as they happen?
16. If a transaction fails, where should I turn for help?
17. How long does it take for me to receive the money?
18. How fast is the transfer executed?
19. How long does it take for me to receive the money after I have made a request from my contact?
20. How will I receive the money?
21. Why and how is transferring money from OneFor more convenient than doing so from a traditional bank?
22. How long does a transaction take to be processed?


1. How much will I be charged for transaction fees?
2. How much will I be charged for domestic transaction fees?
3. How much is the Withdrawal Fee?
4. What is the ALL-IN package?
5. What is the INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS package?
6. What is the EU-BANK-TRANSFERS package ?
7. What is the standard tariff table?
8. What is the fee structure for sending money to someone?
9. Are there any cases in which the recipient pays a fee?
10. Do fees vary from country to country?
11. Will I be charged a fee for receiving money?
12. Are there any maintenance fees for my account at OneFor?
13. Are there any fees for closing my account at OneFor?
14. Is the OneFor App free?

Availability of OneFor

1. What is the availability of using OneFor services outside the European Union?
2. From which countries can I send money?
3. To which countries can I send money?
4. From which countries can I receive money?
5. In which countries can I receive money?
6. Does the OneFor app work globally?
7. Is the App available for bot iOS and Android operating systems?


1. What cybersecurity protection protocols do you have in place?
2. What do I do if I can’t recognize some transactions made with my account?
3. What are the minimum criteria for setting a password for my account?
4. How secure is my personal data?
5. What makes your app more secure than others?

OneFor Debit Card

1. What is the debit card for users within the EU?
2. What is the debit card for users outside of the EU?
3. How do I order my personalized debit card?
4. Is the OneFor debit card accepted at ATM’s worldwide?
5. Is the OneFor debit card accepted at points-of-sale worldwide?
6. How do I block/freeze my card?
7. How do I change the PIN number for my card?
8. How do I reorder my debit card in case of loss or theft?
9. What is the expiry date on debit cards?
10. What is the legal connection between an EU cardholder and a non-EU cardholder?

Get started with OneFor

1. How do I register on OneFor?
2. How does the verification process work?
3. How do I download the OneFor app?
4. How much money can I transfer right away?
5. How do I invite my friends and family members to my OneFor circle?
6. How do I add money to my OneFor account?
7. Can I transfer money from my current ebanking account to my OneFor account?
8. Will I have to open a traditional bank account?
9. What documents will I need to register for OneFor services?
10. Can I open an OneFor account if I am not 18 years old?
11. Why should I choose OneFor over other Fintech option on the market?